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SI105   Scaler Tips SIRONA Compatible PS1
SI106   Scaler Tips SIRONA Compatible PS3
ST102   Scaler Tips Stand - Tip Holder
ST108   Scaler Tubing compatible with DTE or Satelec Units
ST109   Scaler Tubing compatible with Woodpecker & EMS Units
DA105   Sectional Matrix Kit
RD-Sirona-M6   Sirona Six hole compatible Fibre optic Quick Coupling
HUAN-L-M4   Slow speed Handpiece Kit (Internal Water)
IO23   Slow speed Internal Water Push Button Handpiece
IO24   Slow Speed Internal Water Straight Handpiece
MO22   Slow speed Latch Grip Handpiece
MO24   Slow Speed Straight Handpiece
socosirona   Soco LED Fibre Optic Push Button Handpiece 6H Sirona compatible Quick Coupler
socowh   Soco LED Fibre Optic Push Button Handpiece 6H W&H compatible Quick Coupler
FK128   Stainless Steel Hand K Files - 25mm
FR225   To & Fro Gold Rotary Files 25mm
ST101   Torque Wrench Key
TA101   Trident I-View RVG digital Intraoral Sensor - Size 2
SP107   Ultrasurgery Tips - Basic Kit
voltest   volusion test
RD-wh-M4   W&H compatible Four Hole Quick Coupling
RD-WQD-M4   W&H compatible Quick Coupling - 4 Hole
RD-wh-B2   W&H compatible Two Hole Quick Coupling
RD-wh-M6   W&H Six hole compatible Fibre optic Quick Coupling
FR127   Wayfinder Rotary Path Files 25mm
WD110   Woodpecker Combo Surgery Deal
SH104   Woodpecker EMS compatible LED Scaler Handpiece
SH101   Woodpecker EMS compatible Scaler Handpiece
EA106   Woodpecker Endomatic Endo motor with Apex Locator
WD122   Woodpecker UDS N3 Built In Scaler Kit
WD123   Woodpecker UDS N3 LED Built In Scaler Kit
DB106   X-Ray Barrier Cards Size 0, 1, 2
DB102   X-Ray Barrier Envelopes Size 0, 1, 2
CA103   Zinc Phosphate Cement
CA104   Zinc Polycarboxylate Cement

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